Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Valentines, and Naughty Nanuk

Obviously, I have been busy! I haven't had any time to get this done, so I'm staying late to night to get the update done. Eric and I had a great Valentine's... he got me 2 DVDs (Grindhouse's Planet Terror and Saw V) and a CD (GWAR, but now I can't remember which one it was), a fountain (which we are having a hard time finding a home for in the house), a gift certificate to El Farol - my all time favorite Mexican restaurant and a marker for my golf ball. Wow! He spoiled me, we enjoyed a glass of wine by the fire place and had a very romantic evening. On Sunday, I had planned to take us skiing at the Canyons and to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House. After dropping the dogs off to be babysat, we were on our way.

Here we are beginning our adventures.. doesn't take long for frost to appear on Eric's beard! Neither of us had been there before, so it was an exploratory adventure. We just skied around wherever and then went up whatever lift we ended up at. It was fun, but we accidentally took a wrong turn and tried going down a very difficult double blue. On Eric's second fall down that hill, his skis popped off and he was flying down the mountain!! He couldn't stop, there was powder flying everywhere and he finally stopped about 150 yards down from his skis. Fortunately, a kindly skier grabbed his skis and brought them down to him. He didn't even try skiing down the rest of the way, he just hiked down.

Afterward we went to the very prestigious Ruth's Chris... it was amazing. They are a world renowned steak house so even though I don't eat beef, I had to have a steak. It was so incredible. If they always tasted like that, I might have to go back to eating them.

This past weekend we spent finishing up Nanuk's dog run. We reinforced each and every link, put in a floor made of pavers and spent hours making it impenetrable. On Sunday we left him in it and when we got home, there he was by the door!!!!! He had pushed the whole thing across the lawn to a point where it sloped down and he could slip underneath it. He also ripped a good sized hole in the gate..... That dog is unstoppable! This morning I chained him to a tree that was right behind the dog run and hog tied his legs/feet together in four places. By the time I got in the house and put my boots on, he was standing up with all my handiwork at his feet. Fortunately, the tree did hold him until Eric got home with minimal damage to the dog run. That dog.... makes me appreciate how good this little girl is though -

Thanks Peanut, you really are a good little good good....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Back From the Land of the Lost

Holy neglected Blog Batman! I have been so busy at the new job I haven't even had time to think about posting.. but I'm getting faster every day and though I'll probably never have the time I used to mess around with this, I will get to the point that I can at least keep it somewhat updated.

Here is a pic of our Sentinel... keeping watch over his subjects below....

Eric went skiing with Tommy and I on Saturday for his last lesson for the season. It was snowing and sticking in his beard.. I couldn't get a great pic of it, but check out how much of a snow monster he is!

Hmmmm so what else is new? Well, last Friday Nanuk busted out of the room (again...) and got up on the counters, got them all muddy and ate all of our bagels, english muffins and loaf of bread that we had on the counter. These types of occurrences, as well as other property damaging incidents, happen frequently. This happened to be the last straw for Eric. He was really angry, which is unusual for my normally sweet and patient lover, and wanted to get rid of Nanuk. I, of course, broke down in tears and pleaded his case. For compromise, we decided to always chain him up every time we leave the house... good for a temporary fix, but the problem is this: his naughtiness simply can't be contained so easily. Everywhere you put him outside, and believe me there have been numerous spots, gets thoroughly destroyed. So we've taken to putting him in the very back of the yard which he has turned into his personal mud wallow. Which means that when you bring him in it takes 10 minutes of scrubbing to render him acceptable... sort of, he's still pretty muddy. And it gets me all dirty in the morning before work and also makes me late. So this weekend we are planning on buying him a dog run... I'm sure it'll be trial and error to get it to actually work for us, everything with him is. But I think that we can make it work. Also I am surprising Eric on Sunday by taking him skiing at the Canyons (free radio passes) and to Ruth's Chris Steak House at Hotel Park City (gift cert from Eric's mom), should be fun. Have a great Valentine's weekend all...