Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010... Resolve to Blog?

Well, I didn't resolve to blog, but I do hope to be able to do it more often than once every 3 months at least. The kids put on a wildly successful "Haunted House" the night before Halloween. People from my office came as well as friends and family. They made over $50 and did a pretty good job... here are some pics of their costumes and the kitchen gore.

Make a note of the awful kitchen flooring you see in the backround, it will be addressed soon...

Eric got me roses for Thanksgiving, what a sweetie!

Time warp, it's Christmas! Unfortunately I spaced the camera at our house, but here are some pics at Eric's mom's house. We got the kids new bikes for Christmas, I am bound and determined that they learn how to ride bikes this year. Eric got my bike fixed for Christmas so I'm excited to be able to ride as well :)

They got Tommy some soldier gear from the Army surplus place, he loved it of course. He is now a general.

Remember the horrible kitchen floor? Here it is torn up:

And here is the lovely new floor my daddy put in: