Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We started our Incredible Journey on 7/15 after work, we stopped and slept in Bliss, Idaho. Eric did most of the driving on the way out. I got stir crazy and couldn't take it anymore, so I made him stop along the Oregon Trail so I could get the hell out of the car!


We made side trip over to Olympia, Washington to see Eric's friend Brad. Here we are at the pier.

I know it's hard to see, but this is a jellyfish in the water. There were tons of them!

Us kissing in front of the kissing statue.

7/17- Canadian Border!!! Here's Eric posing at Peace Arch.

The view off the balancony of our room at Whistler.

7/18. We spent most of the day wandering around Whistler Village. It was a cute little village with tons of shops and restaurants and little creek running through it.

Tommy loves warning/danger signs, he used to have a really big obsession with it. We saw these around the village and Eric thought we should take a picture of it. It was a good idea, because when we got the pictures printed he loved them (there's a different one further in), he carries them with him every where.

Brandywine Falls

We couldn't get over how tall the trees were! You could put your head all the way back and you still couldn't see the tops of them.

We found a trail to a suspension bridge....

There were these wooden stairs in a couple of places throughout the trail that Eric kept calling, "Prehistoric stairs." I tried to get a picture of them, but it's pretty dark.

Swim Lake

Look how dense that forest is! Imagine getting lost in that and trying to pick your way through....

7/19 Chekamus Lake

I loved this because that rock in the backround looks like a shark's fin...

Ahh!!! Look out, it's almost got you!


A wild rodent of some kind (I said hamster). If it weren't for the glowing eyes caused by the camera, you'd never even be able to see this little guy!

7/20; On our way to go ziplining, we stopped and watched the mountain bikers coming down.

All ready!

See that tiny platform on the other end of the gorge, that's our desitnation.

What better way to end a day of ziplining than enjoying a cold one on the balcony?

7/21; "Peak to Peak" Gondola. You go up Whistler Mountain and then you can take another gondola over the canyon to the peak of the adjacent mountain (Blackcomb Mountain). We hiked around for awhile on Whistler before we went over to Blackcomb. Here's a view of Whistler Village from the mountain.

Here's Tommy's other sign:
Eagle's eye view of Chekamus Lake, where it looked like the shark was coming after Eric from a couple of days ago.

Here's Blackcomb Mountain, so many wildflowers!

Look how huge their raspberries are!

7/22; Jetboating! This was so fun, we went jetboating UP Class III rapids. If you ever find yourself in Whistler in the summer, this is a must.

This is the foot of Nairn Falls, it's as far as the boat goes.

7/23; You couldn't really see Nairn Falls from the boat, so the next day we had to hike back up there and see it.

Wedgemount Lake trail; we didn't make it all the way to the lake. It stated thundering like crazy and there were neaby lightning strikes so we turned around. I snapped a couple of quick photos.

7/24; Eric getting glacier water to take home.

Shannon Falls.

Space Needle in Seattle.

View from Space Needle.

The little orange building was where we stayed that night. It wasn't much of a room, but the location was great.

We decided to live it up and ate dinner at the revolving restaurant on the Space Needle. It was so cool, we ate for 3 hours! I kept forgetting I was eating.

While we were eating a pair of Peregrin Falcons came to check us out.

Now we're back from the honeymoon.... can't wait until we can be off along together again!