Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding, wedding, wedding

It seems all my days are filled with wedding plans anymore, which is nice.... It seems like it just sat there on my shoulder forever while I watched the date creep ever so closer and did nothing about it. This past weekend I got my hair done for the practice "do" for the wedding. I'm not super impressed. I like the back, but the front not so much. It didn't look like me and she really teased a lot of it and later on it made me look like I don't know how to brush my hair.

Afterwards, we went to Dancing Crane and got the shirt that Eric's going to wear for the ceremony. It's cream colored like my dress and made from a hemp-like material only lighter; it's kind of casual looking so I'm going to look kind of weird all mega dressed up and decked out next to him, but it's okay. He still needs to find his pants so we're on a quest for that right now. After that, we made a Syrena acquisition and then headed out to meet with Kim, our officially dubbed "cake lady." She had us look through pictures and we decided on our cake; 3 tiers (one on a stand with tree branch pillars), one chocolate, one strawberry and one vanilla; braided icing around the edges; and the bottom is surrounded in grape vine. I can't wait and this has been a problem for us for a long time, trying to get someone to commit to the cake so I am glad to have that monkey off my back. On Sunday Eric and I went up Big Cottonwood again and got our pictures done for the invitation. It was raining, but right when we were ready to pose the weather let up and it was barely sprinkling.

The water was running high! Higher than I've ever seen it, it had flooded out picnic spots and was raging! We were up there just last weekend and it was nothing compared to this.

I love my daddy!!

The girls had a great time playing around up there too.

We also got our car reserved for the honeymoon and I ordered the butterflies for the ceremony - much to my friend's dismay. Ashlee is not a big butterfly fan, but this is one of the few suggestions Eric's had for the wedding so it was really important to me to be sure and incorporate it. I think it will be really beautiful and give the kids something special to do, which was also important to Eric.
This weekend we are doing a "wedding task sign-up;" but Ashlee B. is working and Ashley Fife is in Vegas, so I think it will just be me, Missy, Sasha, Secelia and Eric's mom (Camille). Oh well, Ashlee said she'd still help, so I'll just let her know what still needs to be done and I'll randomly sign Fife up for something. You don't get to be a bridesmaid without helping a little :)
I am also getting my hair done (the real deal, cut and color with Katie) on Saturday and on Monday night I am going over to Missy's house so we can finish up the invitations. This is all starting to really happen!!!!
Real quick I also wanted to get some Tommyisms down. I love getting these in writing because even though I think I'll never forget them , I do.
#1.... He always wakes up happy, he's just a morning person. Of course, once in a while, he wakes up a bit grumpy. This was the case the other morning. How did I know he was grouchy you ask? Well as I was trying to coax him out of bed, he growled to me, "You can just use me for a shrunken head!"
#2....He told me how babies were made, if you're looking for G rated, I'm afraid there is genitalia involved. The man touches his penis, the woman touches her vagina and then the woman has the baby (which from an earlier Tommyism, is like pooping out a boulder).
#3....He was out in the yard on Monday playing, he came in and told that he came in -not because the neighbors were out (he doesn't like them, they play loud music and their kids have taunted him before)- but because a bug flew up and it startled his pelvis.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Wedding Planning :)

We went up to the site where we are having the wedding on Saturday; super snowy which is good because one of my worries is that it will be so nasty hot. Hopefully it will comfortable. Anyway the kids had a great time playing the woods. Syrena is always up for some nature time, but Tommy usually takes some coaxing and often some threats too. Here he is enjoying himself.... And here he is "playing" with sister....

Here's a cute little guy that Eric spotted:

My amazing Aunt Missy then went home and with my cousin Sasha's help made ALL of my bridal shower invitations:

They are so cute! The paper is like wall paper and then the thing the note is attached to is like cork board, really awesome ideas.

On Sunday we also went to Tanner park and took the dogs for a walk. A couple of years ago Nanuk would have been running all over the place, but this time it was all he could do to keep up. He is definitely struggling with his hindquarters, sad to see. I know not exercising him at all is also bad for him so I don't want to just not take him out, plus he LOVES to swim and that trail is the only one I know of with the water so close to where you park. If anyone knows of a place that dogs can swim in and it's super easy to get to, I'd love to know so my big guy can still get lots of swimming in this summer.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Perfect Trip to Pueblo (Colorado)

This past weekend (although now a new weekend is upon us) we decided to take a trip to Pueblo, Colorado to visit Eric's best friend, Andy. The two have been best friends since elementary school and since Andy is about to ship out for his third tour since joining the army we wanted to run and see him again. It all began on a positive note with Foosa taking his normal position in the suitcase. We left the dogs at home this time and had various relatives come and stay with them.
After one heck of a long drive, we arrived at 3:30 in the morning - at that point I had been awake for nearly 24 hours. You can imagine my glee when we were lead into the room we would be staying in. I was speechless, part of it being tired like a crazy woman, and part of it being... well, pure bliss:

We decided at the last second to rent a car so we wouldn't be putting so many miles on the Subaru. The rental place was about to close and all they had was an SUV - which we didn't want to put gas in - or this:

It was pretty damn nice! It got better gas mileage than the Subaru and it was fast! I enjoyed driving this a lot. I've decided I definitely want something similar when we go to Canada for our honeymoon. It wasn't flashy looking or anything but was super fast; which I liked because it didn't attract attention from...certain parties... like a sports car might.

Here's Eric's friend Andy striking a goofy pose. The whole family is lots of fun.

The veteran couple was continually disgusted by our prodigous and frequent displays of affection - which many are. So Eric made them pose as though they were a newly wed couple. This is what we got.

If I knew how to rotate a picture, you'd be able to see this one much easier of the whole family...here is Andy, Tamara, Andra, Dylan and Eric - who was named after some guy they met one day.

Of course we can't be taking a trip to practically Denver and not come away with some spoils. Here are my newest jewelry acquisition- pink and Broncos!!
Here is the rest of our loot; the big Broncos container at back I got from Walmart to carry home all my Popeye's Red Beans and Rice which was fortunately located near Andy's house - they hadn't even heard of the place! Such a travesty. I was happy to show them the magical ways of the Red Beans and Rice. They also had a great selection of Bears stuff which pleased no one in particular. I don't even really know any Bears fans, we just picked up some random things to give away in case we ever meet one.