Thursday, December 30, 2010

Go Bears!!! Go Bruce Campbell!!!

In September we went on Eric's dream vacation; to Chicago to see a Bears game and guess who happened to be in a near by town that very weekend? Why, none other than the Bruce Campbell of course! For those of you, pretty much everyone except Eric that is, who have no idea who that is... well, he's in quite a few things. Most notably the Evil Dead series and now Burn Notice. Anyway, it's Eric's all time favorite actor and he was in Dixon, Illinois that weekend so we rented a car and hit the free way - well, not the free way, the pay for every freakin inch of that road way. It was a toll road all the way there and it cost us about $10 round trip to get there. We drove for about 2 hours or so and got there to stand in line to buy a ticket to get his autograph. They ran out! Oh, well, after we bought ours. We were so lucky though, just another 10 minutes or so later and we would have driven all that way for nothing. We had to bum around the little town all day waiting for our turn, but it was worth it. He was also going to be appearing at a drive in that night for a Q & A and they were going to play a bunch of his movies until like 6 am. We couldn't stay for all of that since we had the big game in the morning, but that would have been pretty fun. Anyway, here we are in front of the Drivein that had Bruce's name on the marquee:

Our turn to meet him is next!!

Yay, we made it!!! Look how cute my little snuggle is. I am working on getting the video we shot of him posted at the very bottom of this blog; hopefully I get it figured out soon ;)

I had a hell of a time getting to the stadium. Our hotel was only about 20 minutes or so from the stadium (when you know where you're going anyway) and we left 2 hours early and I still managed to get us there late. I don't think I could have possibly made any more wrong turns. I learned a valuable lesson - print a billion mapquests and don't ever think you can look at a map online and just "remember how to get there." I was literally in tears by the time we were able to park. They had a pretty cool system set up where you park in a huge underground parking area and they use school buses to shuttle you right to the stadium. We got there just after kick-off. We had amazing seats in the lower bowl... Eric works with a guy (Masi) who's 2nd cousin? cousin? 3rd cousin? some kind of cousinish relationship is none other than Harvey Unga - who was just drafted to the Bears from BYU. Although he was on the injured reserve for the year and not playing, he was still able to score us tickets. The only way it could have been any better was if we could have seen him play too. Hopefully we will get that opportunity in the years to come. They were playing the Lions:

Here's the famed Brian Urlacher! You can see how close we are - we have one of the world's crappiest cameras with no zoom capability whatsoever and you can totally read the back of his jersey no problem.

Here's my love enjoying the game!

Here's the both of us :)

Jay Cutler (used to be on the Broncos) watching his team from the sidelines:

Robbie Gould, their kicker - whose kicks are nearly always "good as gold":

Here's an overall view of the stadium:

"Hi baby"

"Okay, put that damn camera down"

This is Isreal Idonije, he came into our office and did a closing with Chantelle - I found out after the fact and went rushing in there and begged her to get an autograph. Thankfully she did it for me and that Christmas I was able to give Eric an autographed pic of him; ever since then we've had a big soft spot for him.

Check out that score! It was a close one, down to the very last play and a total nail biter, but they pulled off the win!

Here we are after the game.

Since we got to the game so late and weren't able to really check the stadium out ahead of time, we stayed after the game and thoroughly went around the whole thing, while I diligently took pictures of everything.

Here's just a pic of the city from afar, totally out of order - enjoy.

They have a "ring of honor" type thing with all their greats throughout Bears history running around the stadium. Here's pics of all the players/coaches that Eric has loved throughout the years (these pics are here for you my love):

Yes, even the sign for the Bears Pro Shop was worthy of a pic:

I don't know why I take pictures of these things, but I do, and here they are for you to enjoy.

This one is for my Tommy: