Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last Snowy Weekend (Hopefully)

I had a great weekend; you know things are going to be good when it starts out with Foosa crawling into my Broncos bag and just hanging out - it was so cute!
On Saturday I went shopping with the girls (Sasha, Secelia, Ashley Fife, Ashlee Bradford and Katie) to get bridesmaid dresses. We went to Downeast where they had a huge selection of brown dresses that were affordable. Everyone found one except Secelia - none fit. So we bid the Ashlies goodbye, ate lunch and continued our expedition at David's Bridal. Before I could even get there she had one on that fit plus I had a coupon since I bought my dress there, so it worked out pretty nicely. Eric took me out for dinner at the Olive Garden - it was delicious, and we spent the rest of the night in front of the fire (probably the last one of the season) watching Burn Notice. Some show on TV that has his precious Bruce Campbell playing in bit role in it. It's actually not too bad.
Sunday we did the usual cleaning but we also went for a hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

We saw this super cute little snowman sitting on the railing of the bridge, I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.

It was pretty, but cold, and I am ready to be taking pictures with some leaves growing on the trees...
Then that night we went to the Queensryche show - one of Eric's all time favorite bands. They were awesome, as usual, and it was a great time.
Well, it's almost 9:30 at night - I'm still at work (although I clocked out 10 min ago to blog) and I've been here since 6:45. I'm beat and I'm heading home now....
This weekend I get the kids for Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat and most of Sun so I am way jazzed about that - Ben is going out of town. Also, I am meeting with Missy to go over some more wedding/shower details - always fun and Eric is almost done with school so I can nag him full time about the wedding :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Millenium, Here I Come:)

That's right ladies and gentleman, I have made this leap. Although I have been involved with the current century before, it has been awhile and it is Eric's first time... that's right; he's an "Internet at home" virgin. I am so excited to finally have the Internet at home! I just couldn't take it anymore, I am too busy at work to mess around and do important things like blog and by the time I can do it, I just want to go home. Also, with trying to make wedding plans, I just needed access to it on the weekends as well. Wait 'til the kids find out, they are going to freak out. Tommy will be YouTubing like a crazy man. Eric has been avidly reading all the NFL websites and downloading new music onto his Zune.

We got one of those things that plug into your USB so we can use it on any computer, the laptop; home computer ...yeah, any computer - guess it wasn't really necessary to explain what that meant, I suppose you can follow along with that one okay. Anyway, it's pretty damn groovy. Now I can get back to my blogging again. I know I don't have much readership, but what I really liked about when I was blogging frequently was how often I drug the camera around with me to post photos. So get ready world, I'm back!