Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Someday, a 2nd bathroom...

Yes, someday I will have two functional bathrooms. Can you believe that it's been over 3 years since I had this luxury? We're on the verge of it happening. We had to gut it due to water damage and here are pics of the slow recovery:

Here's the shower floor:

And here's the bathroom floor coming along:

Super cute little kitty enjoying the heating vent right under the towels:

For Camille's (Eric's mom) birthday this year, we went to the zoo because she's an avid elephant lover...

First we enjoyed the "Eagles on the Plaza"

We were there on the first day of the "Zoorassic Park" - they had realalistic dinos all over that made noises and moved. They were pretty darn cool.

All the elephant pics:

It was kind of cold and windy, which sucked a bit for us, but it meant all the animals were out and active, which was way cool. The wolves were done, the jaguar was out and the tigers were playing in the water.

Well, that's it, that's all I have to show for a 6 month absence. We've just been busy with the yard and Manti's yard. I had to hurry and update though because tomorrow we are setting for for a Yellowstone adventure and I wanted to have this all up to date and ready for all those pics. Can't wait!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Introducing Tommy, the actor:

Yesterday morning Tommy informs me he has a play at school.. fortunatley we've hit a dry spell at work and at a drop of the hat I was still able to make the performance. The little turkey didn't tell which part he had so I kept scanning all the little faces trying to find him and I just couldn't until the part where they said, "the pioneers kept going until Brigham Young said" and suddenly the cutest little voice you ever heard pipes up and says "THIS IS THE PLACE!" No wonder I couldn't find him, he had a big old grey beard on his face. Here was his part in the play, he was handing out books to the kids (it was a play about Utah's history), between my World's Crappiest Camera and the little outfit he had on, he's hard to pick out in this picture. He's standing up in front of the temple.

Here's a better pic of my bearded little man:

And... drum roll please... here's the world's cutest Brigham Young. You may have to sit down for this picture:

I never loved Brigham Young so much!

Sasha's Wedding & Finishing the House

We've made some real progress now; we're pretty much all the way moved in except for a few odds and ends left over at the old place. Stuff that we probably really don't need to move ;) We are hoping to be at least done with the stuff left in the house by this weekend. The garage, however, is an entirely different story.

I wanted to post a few more pics on how things are coming along. We are definitely not done (is anyone really ever done with their house though?), but we're making progress. Here's the bedroom wall all painted.

The kids finally got the carpet in their rooms; it's a really nice, super soft carpet that's made from recycled materials and sustainable crops. Plus is super stain resistant, here's a couple pics of Rena's room w/the new carpet:

Here's a shot coming from the living room and looking into the dining room:

The living room:

On 1/1/11 my sweet little cousin Sasha got married to her handsome and just as sweet man, Derek Lloyd. Their wedding was beautiful and to start it off, here's my BEAUTIFUL sister:

Here's the happy couple during the ceremony:

This is not a very good picture, super bad lighting and my super crappy camera didn't do a good job. But I still liked the picture anyway:

And last, but by no means least, here's all the little creatures settling into the new house and calling it home:

He looks like he belongs right there doesn't he?