Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our First Anniversary!

Can you even believe that much time has passed since our incredible wedding?! Time has really flown by. For our first annivesary, we thought what better way to celebrate that going to the same place we got married? So off to The Spruces Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyone we went. We had a big spot and brought Andy & the kids and my dad, brothers and sisters along too. We were right next to the river and had some visitors:

Before you know it, another year will be gone!

Father's Day

My official Father's Day present to best daddy ever known (2nd to only my daddy) was tickets to the Cake concert which was the night before. On Father's Day, he picked to go to Murray Park. Here's the kids on the big hill getting ready to roll down it.

Here is Syrena chickening-out and opting to run down it instead.

But Tommy, ever so bold, decided to take a chance on rolling.

He did live to tell about it, but only barely ;)

Mother's Day

Slowly but surely, we are catching up to the present, I may even be totally caught up by tomorrow. Before we get to the Mother's Day Extravaganza, here are a couple of pics of Syrena giving our "Big" a bath:

Here is Syrena modeling a new outfit.

Playtime with doggies...

For Mother's Day I wanted to go horse back riding. One hour of it was $140! I have got to figure out a way to just get horses of our own, because that's a lot of money for just one hour. Anyway, here's Tommy on Sarah - she's the horse they used to model Rain after in the movie Spirit. She's very sweet and gentle and at various points in time, everyone in the family has ridden her because she's a great first timer horse (except me of course, I don't need no first timer horse!!).

Here's the horse I rode, but now I totally can't remember his name. He had some spunk and I enjoyed riding him quite a bit. Of course, I just enjoy riding a whole heck of a lot, so I'm not terribly picky.

Here's Syrena and Eric. Syrena kept lagging behind the group just so she could trot to keep up. She would laugh and laugh.

Here we all are :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Valentine's Day... April in Zions

My dear love reminded me that it has been a super long time since I blogged and since work's been slow this week I am going to do my best to catch up. For Valentine's Day I arranged for Eric and I to go to Zions in April. It was the PERFECT time of the year to go, not too hold - certainly not too cold. There were waterfalls everywhere! We stayed at this way super nice RV park where everyone - and I mean everyone - had the crazy nice way expensive RV/buses or trailers and there we were in our Ninja Turtle, it was somewhat embarassing. Our water doesn't work on it so we had to crouch out by the spiget that is supposed to be hooked up to your RV and wash our dishes there and what not like a couple of hobos. It was fun though...

This was our first hike, the Emerald Pools.

Of course, we have to take pictures of the signs for Tommy, and he still laughs hysterically about these two:

Like I said, there were waterfalls all over the place!

A view from behind the twin waterfalls....

I think this one is the White Throne, but now it's been 4 months since we went so my memory's become a little foggy.

Here we are on our way up to the famous/infamous Angel's Landing.

I wish I had a way to trace the trail so it's easier to see. This is the view point from Scout Lookout, which is where a lot of people stop. It's just before the trail starts getting tricky and you have the chains to hang on to so you don't fall off.

This is where the chain area starts, they are still hard to see because I have a crappy camera that can't zoom, but the trail just goes right along that outcropping to the top. At this point I quit taking pictures of this hike like an idiot. Granted, there were some parts that you should be hanging onto the chain with both hands and not taking pictures, but there were plenty of spots I could have whipped the camera out - it was a really cool trail and this is it for all the pictures I got of it. Next time I will do better!

This was my favorite hike, Hidden Canyons. Here's Eric going up a practically endless flight of stone stairs that were cut right into the mountain.

This trail also had some parts with the chains, but the trail really is wide enough for the most part that you don't need them anyway. I made Eric pose for this picture pretending to cling the chain for his life.

This part was a bit steep and narrow and we were glad to have the chains.

There was a bunch of bouldering and stuff you had to do on this hike to get the next part, it was really fun doing the rock scrambles and in this case, climbing up logs that were just leaning against the rocks.

Look at my crazy husband, this was so steep!

On our last hike, River Walk it was called I think (the trail you take to get to the Narrows) there were squirrels everywhere. They'd run right up to you in hopes of some treats.

Muskrat love....

The last bit of wildlife we saw, a little lizard sunning itself on the fence post.

The end!